We have made a commitment to focus on YOUTH this year, as our children have experienced such tremendous social consequences due to Covid mitigation strategies. In the 2022-2023 school year, we will be pouring ALL our resources into getting Click into schools to help our kids heal. Youth and School Click Products will be available for purchase in Summer 2022 and you can look for the return of our Corporate and Community games in Fall 2022! See you soon!

Lonely Children are at Risk for Becoming Violent

According to Paige Blossom and Jack Apsche, "simple exclusion from the human race can upset the same delicate balance within a child's development [as deep hidden trauma]. Socializing is more than learning to share toys; it instills value and self-confidence." 

Blossom, P., & Apsche, J. (2013). Effects of loneliness on human development. International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, 7(4), 28-29. https://psycnet.apa.org/fulltext/2013-10410-008.html

Be the one to Bring Click to YOUR School

Click makes school a happier place!

Pictured below are teachers playing Click at their professional development day!

The question of the game aligned with the theme of their professional development, but they had fun while learning and experienced Click before bringing it into their own classrooms.

Click is perfect for:

Teachers playing Click at their Back to School Professional Development Day

Stories. Laughter. Connection. Fun. That's a Click Mystery Party!

How to Play:

Click-Networking-Chamber of Commerce-Group Mystery Game
BLOG POST: What is a Click Mystery Party?

Click is also great for corporate retreats and team-building events.

These photos are from a Chamber of Commerce event at the Denver Aquarium! They played "The Shark Tank Skinny Dipper" Alibi Game!

People who play Click can't love it enough!

"Great! Entertaining. I really enjoyed the experience. I will be back."

"Got me out of my comfort zone and made new friends "

"Amazing. Was very fun and different than any others."

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Author's name

"Sooo fun!"

"A ton of fun! Excellent!!!"

"Amazing! Very fun family activity."

Asking Questions and Active Listening are Important Leadership Skills

Playing a Click Mystery Game  builds leadership skills including story-telling, active listening and overcoming the fear of meeting new people.


Be the one to bring Click to your Chamber or Corporate Team Building Event

Making the World Happier Through In-Person Human Connection

Have you ever looked around a room at a party to sadly realize that everyone is looking down at their phones rather than looking into someone else's eyes? 


Do you think children are becoming increasing less aware of other people's feelings and resorting to violence to feel heard?


Have you attended a networking event, but noticed that people only talk to people they already know?  YUP!

We at Click feel REALLY strongly that we should devote at least as much time as we spend on social media making significant, reciprocal and meaningful connections with people.  Face to face.  Click was created to get people out of their comfort zones and talking to each other. 

We'd love to partner with you to bring real, human connection back in style.

"The Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air Maryland has hosted several Click Mystery Parties to benefit their Historic Foundation.  Increasing in popularity as word spread, their Spring event sold out quickly and, before the night was over, guests were already purchasing tickets to the next event for fear of missing out!  What an honor and a privilege to watch people laughing and having fun playing a game we created!"

Ginny Seeley, Owner and Creator of Click Networking Games

"Games that Click helped create a custom game for our Staff Appreciation party--it was a huge hit! People were engaged, laughing, socializing and really got into it--and it can be sometimes hard to win these folks over. We had a great time and working with Games that Click was easy and convenient. I highly recommend!!"

Alisha Wolf, Adoptions Together, Baltimore, MD

"Great way to get to know people + have fun with folks you already know." 

Click Networking Games

Stories. Laughter. Connection. Fun. That's a Click Mystery Party!