There are two styles of Click Games: Face to Face and Scavenger Hunt!

  • Click fosters up to 31 new connections per game, meeting one of our most basic human needs. Meet new people!  Click with someone!

    Participants make real connections by sharing personal stories in exchange for clues to solve a mystery.

  • Click builds confidence through sharing stories in a safe small group setting.

    Each time they share their own story, they build confidence speaking with others.

  • Click grows empathy by naturally making the stories of others more important than your own. Shared stories mean less judgement and more compassion.

    Listening to stories shared by others identifies shared experiences and fosters empathy.

  • Leadership skills like eye-contact, active listening, speaking in front of others, emotional intelligence and problem solving are built playing Click!

    Click builds skills such as eye contact, interpretation of verbal and non-verbal cues, emotional intelligence and collaborative problem solving.

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  • Whether it's outdoors at camp, helping students learn their way around a new school, as a way to drive traffice to Main Street businesses, for college orientations, Greek life events, employee orientations (whatever!), get your people moving alone or in teams to solve a mystery!

  • Signs or clue cards are placed in designated areas for players to find in a scavenger hunt OR players may receive a color/shape card with a clue on the back when they reach their destiation. Then, they record the words in the place on their worksheet corresponding to the color and shape to solve a mystery.

  • Each game comes with it's own special worksheet. Once all the clues are collected, they are used to eliminate suspects on a suspect grid until there is only one suspect left! Make it a race or a group effort for team-building! Click is adaptable to virtually any setting and your limitless creativity!

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Each Click Download comes with:

Story Card

Answer Key

Printable Worksheets

Suspect Grid

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Other Game Parts Depend on the Style of Game!


Printable ID Badge Clues

Printable Color/Shape Cards


Printable Scavenger Hunt Signs

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Click is for appropriate for anyone from 3rd Grade to Adult!

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