We have made a commitment to focus on YOUTH this year, as our children have experienced such tremendous social consequences due to Covid mitigation strategies. In the 2022-2023 school year, we will be pouring ALL our resources into getting Click into schools to help our kids heal. Youth and School Click Products will be available for purchase in Summer 2022 and you can look for the return of our Corporate and Community games in Fall 2022! See you soon!

Collection: I am a Public Venue or Event Planner!

Bring Click Mystery Games to your Venue to Generate a Profit or Increase Traffic!

Use Click as an offering to generate income by adding something fun and unique to your venue!  By purchasing the Commercial License, you may charge a fee to offer Click to clients booking events at your venue or to generate traffic and buzz for your Bar or Restaurant (or both!).  Click is perfect for team-building events, corporate retreats, wedding cocktail hours or as a Special and Unique Mystery Event you can offer to your community!  Get patrons off of their screens and into a super fun and engaging unscripted mystery game that gets them interacting in real life.  Click is even great for introverted people who want to connect with others but don't know how.  Click gets everyone talking, laughing and having fun while players work to solve the mystery of the game and can be played with 16 or more players.

Here are some ideas for Commercial Use:

  • Bars/Restaurants- As a unique offering to your guests, have a Click Mystery Night as an alternative to Trivia Night, Speed Dating or Karaoke in your Bar or Restaurant (YOU decide whether to charge entry or use it to generate traffic and buzz)
  • Run a monthly Click Mystery Party at your Country Club to help members get acquainted.  
  • Conventions- Have convention booth participants purchase a shape/color sign to have at their booth as part of a 32 place scavenger hunt style game.
  • Wedding Cocktail Hours- Charge Wedding Clients an add-on fee to have a Click Game as part of their cocktail hour as a way to get their guests mingling.
  • Corporate Retreats- Charge corporate clients a fee to add Click to their next team building event at your venue.


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