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About us

Hi!  I'm Ginny Seeley and I have the extraordinary privilege of sharing my life with my husband Joe and our two awesome teenagers!  In addition to building Click Networking Games, LLC, I work full time as a Quality and Safety Manager in a community hospital Laboratory (I'm a science nerd!) and volunteer as much as possible working with youth.  I've been a Girl Scout Leader for 10 years, lead the youth group at our church and look for any opportunity to be actively involved with the activities that bring our children joy.  Together, Joe and I work hard to create opportunities to spend time as a family without electronics.  In our house, we have a strict "no electronics at the dinner table" rule and we try to have dinner together as often as possible.  We firmly believe that in-person human connection is the foundation for empathy, deeper relationships and ultimately the love we all need to heal some of the brokenness in our World.

As an Orthodox Christian, I look to see Christ in everyone and believe that we all have something beautiful to offer each other.  It is our mission to provide opportunities for people of all ages to connect in person so they can learn to accept and love people different than themselves.  Imagine how much goodness and healing can come from that!

Technology isn't a bad thing but we believe that making personal connections is more important than making digital connections. We invite you to bring Click games into your home, classroom, community organization, religious, business, social or corporate setting to help people overcome the barrier of getting a conversation started. Please read our blog to learn how Click was born.


Ginny Seeley, Owner