Has your team lost its mojo? Three ideas to bring back the magic!

Has your team lost its mojo? Three ideas to bring back the magic!

Hello, Friend!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so much about the way we all conduct our businesses.   I know my awesome team of colleagues hasn't sat in the same room for over six weeks. Which really stinks, because I like them!

This new way of collaborating in teams, while necessary to maintain social distancing, feels weird!

If you have noticed that things just don't feel right lately, or maybe your team is in a funk, here are a few suggestions on how to lift your team's spirits and nurture the love and camaraderie you are used to:

Make time for personal conversations: 

1.  Begin each meeting with something personal.

For example, have each participant share something they are happy about or grateful for in their personal life, something fun they did with their family recently or something new they have tried during this pandemic.

2.  Allow time for the sharing of difficulties and for colleagues to share ideas for how to tackle struggles so everyone knows they are not alone (even if they might feel that way).

Share goals and successes: 

1.  Ask each participant to share their goal for the week or a special project they are working on so everyone feels like what they are contributing is important.  Allow for conversations and questions to naturally unfold so people feel energized about their goals.

2. Ask each participant to share what their major accomplishment or "win" was for the previous week.  This not only gives them something to feel good about, it is hugely motivating to others in the meeting.

Question of the day: 

1.  If you are meeting several times a week, it can get stale talking about "the virus" and strategies regarding how to pivot or move forward in business each day.  Spice up the meetings with a Question of the Day and have everyone share round-robin style.

2.  This can be structured by team or area.  For example, have people from a particular division share on a certain day of the week.

3.  Questions can be emailed out in advance so participants can be prepared to answer.  For a list of questions/topics, click HERE and enter "HAPPY" for a free download!

Who knows how much longer we will be conducting virtual meetings.  Together, we can all lead our teams into this "new normal" keeping them strong, engaged and fulfilled.

Wishing you good health AND happiness,

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