LAUGHter is the best medicine!

LAUGHter is the best medicine!

Here are FIVE ways to bring some more JOY to your team!

L- Let loose. These are serious times, and it's so important to allow your team the freedom to relax a bit.

  • Have a pajama day (we all know we want to work in our pajamas!),
  • Make a theme for your meeting (superheroes, luau, 80's, whatever!) or
  • Allow people to use a silly backdrop to their zoom screen (heck, celebrate it by making it a contest!).

A- Ask me anything. Have an "ask me anything" question at the beginning of your team meetings to give your team a chance to learn fun facts about YOU! Feel free to set ground rules (i.e., no questions about your children, if you feel they are off-limits).

U- Ugh! Let people share an "ugh" moment from the previous week. Invite an "eye-rolling" story for everyone to laugh about- reminding them to leave out names, of course!

G- Give! Celebrate giving in your team! Good deeds make everyone feel happy. Allowing someone to share a heart-warming story of themselves or others infusing joy into someone's life is sure to add joy to the whole team!

H- Hugs. Allow people to send virtual hugs to their fellow teammates. 

  • You can create a formal program where they can give public shout-outs on a bulletin board, or
  • You can invite them to share a "hug" at the end of each meeting to celebrate someone else, thank them, or congratulation them.
  • "Hugs" can be given for something personal OR professional- it doesn't matter! The point is sharing the feeling of being hugged!

If your team isn't the best at the "ask me anything" prompt, we have created a list of 32 questions to spark conversations.  Just click this link and enter LAUGH at checkout to get it for FREE!

A fun way to use this list is to cut it into separate questions, put them in a jar and pull one out before each meeting at random. 

There's no reason only YOU have to be the one to answer the question.  Allow your whole team to share their own stories and watch the room come alive with smiles, connection and laughter.

Sending love ❤️ and prayers 🙏 for your good health.

xo Ginny

Founder, GamesThatClick

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