We have made a commitment to focus on YOUTH this year, as our children have experienced such tremendous social consequences due to Covid mitigation strategies. In the 2022-2023 school year, we will be pouring ALL our resources into getting Click into schools to help our kids heal. Youth and School Click Products will be available for purchase in Summer 2022 and you can look for the return of our Corporate and Community games in Fall 2022! See you soon!

Collection: Mr. Floppity Egg Hunts

The Mr. Floppity Family Cooperative Egg Hunt is a wonderful twist on a traditional egg hunt where kids work TOGETHER to solve a mystery with the clues they find hidden in the eggs!

This Click Game is to be enjoyed in your home with one or more players and can be played by stuffing clues into plastic eggs or (if no plastic eggs are available) just hiding the clues in your home.

Thank you for supporting our family business!  We wish you love, good health and a beautiful Easter!

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  • Mr. Floppity Lost his Hippety Hoppety! (Family Egg Hunt)
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