Why do we care so much?

We've seen it with our own eyes. Things were bad before the pandemic. Now, it's even worse. Kids are not only academically behind, they have missed out on precious social interactions with their peers.

Violence of all kinds has increased. Putting politics aside for a moment, we know that, often, hurt people hurt people. And man are people hurting! They're lonely, depressed, struggling financially, grieving, and did we say lonely?

We began working on Click long before Covid and took a bit of a hiatus to relocate our family to a new state. But, we are back and excited to make a difference in a time where the need for human connection is even more profound. Won't you help us offer some healing in the form of a shared story or two, a smile, and some good, old-fashioned FUN?

What is a Click Mystery Party?


Click is a super fun and unique mystery game that gets people talking!

The object of the game is to be the first person to solve the mystery of the game, but the natural consequence of the game is that each person will need to have a personal conversation with 31 other people in order to gather the game clues.  

This means that they can't help but "Click" with each other!  

Players mingle and get to know one another instead of gravitating to their small groups!  

Click is great for:

Social events

Business Networking Events

Corporate Training Events

Classroom Settings 

Scout Gatherings

Church Social Gatherings

Wedding & Baby Showers

Wedding Cocktail Hours

Licensed Bar/Club Social Events (something different than Trivia, Speed-dating and Karaoke)

A Special Themed Show for DJs

Really any time you want people at your event to interact with one another!

Email GamesThatClick@gmail.com for Scout/Church Group Fundraising Ideas, too!  

A standard Click Mystery Party Kit includes:

  • Easy to Follow Host instructions
  • Host Story Card
  • 32 Player Badge Holders
  • 32 Color/Shape Cards
  • 4 Color-Coded Sets of Click Evidence Cards
  • Host Badge
  • 2 Final Host Evidence Cards
  • 32 Answer Worksheets with Suspect Grids (may be photocopied)
  • Question of the Game List

 The Click Party Host will need to provide:

  • A pencil for each player,
  • An optional grand prize for the first person to solve the mystery OR
  • An optional small prize for each person who successfully solves the mystery OR
  • An optional grand prize for a winner drawn from the names of all of the guests with the correct solution at the end of the game.

General Game Play:  The Click Host sets up the game ahead of time and hands out badges to guests as they arrive.  Guests exchange their answers to the "Question of the Game" and, after doing so, must give up their secret words.  Guests use the secret words to solve the mystery of the game, but must visit every other person playing the game in order to win!  Hint: Just because a player thinks they see a word that appears to give the answer away, it could be a trick!  If players try to guess before they have all of the clues, they are very likely to guess wrong.  EVERY word is needed to make the sentence!