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How to Play a Click Mystery Game

Each player wears a color/shape card bearing an important piece of information to solve the mystery on its reverse. 
By sharing a personal story (answering the question of the game), players earn a peek at a piece of Evidence (in the Evidence Version) or an Alibi (in the Alibi Version) and record it on their Mystery Worksheet. 
Detective work...
The worksheet is organized by color and shape and serves as a tool to track who they have and haven't visited for clues and gives them a place to record the information they learn. 
Solving the crime!
Evidence Game:  After collecting the evidence for an entire color set, they unscramble the words, make a full sentence clue which eliminates half of the suspects on the suspect grid. Four full clues narrows the suspects down to two final possibilities. 
Then, it's time to see the host for the final piece of evidence to win the game!
Alibi Game: Unlike the Evidence game, clues for this version are names that can be crossed off the suspect list.  When only one name remains, the mystery is solved and that is the culprit!