How to play a Click Mystery Game

How to play a Click Mystery Game

The object of Click is to be the first person to solve the mystery of the game, but the natural consequence of the game is that each person will need to have a personal conversation with 31 other people in order to gather the game clues.  

This means that they can't help but "Click" with each other!  

How to Play

In order to solve this crime, you will have to first discover the four clues in their entirety. Each of you have received a card with a secret word on the back.  

1.Your first step is to retrieve all eight parts of each clue.  You must approach each person wearing a clue and ask them the question of the game.  They will have to provide a detailed answer lasting at least one minute.

2.Then, and only then, can you share with them your secret word(s).  Next, they will ask you the question and you must also share a thorough response, earning the opportunity to see their secret word(s).   Record the information in the appropriate color/shape areas on the Evidence sheet. 

3.Next, unscramble the words for each color set to form a complete sentence for each color. Use this information to rule out suspects in the list of possibilities. Four colors= four complete pieces of evidence.

4.Remember, one of the words might be “not” or “didn’t”, so don’t rush to solve the clue without all of the cards.

5.Your final step is to find the host of the game and get your final clue!

  A standard Click Mystery Party Kit includes:
  • Easy to Follow Host instructions
  • Host Story Card
  • 32 Player Badge Holders
  • 32 Color/Shape Cards
  • 4 Color-Coded Sets of Click Evidence Cards
  • Host Badge
  • 2 Final Host Evidence Cards
  • 32 Answer Worksheets with Suspect Grids (may be photocopied)
  • Question of the Game List

 The Click Party Host will need to provide:

  • A pencil for each player,
  • An optional grand prize for the first person to solve the mystery OR
  • An optional small prize for each person who successfully solves the mystery OR
  • An optional grand prize for a winner drawn from the names of all of the guests with the correct solution at the end of the game.
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