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Mr. Floppity Lost his Hippety Hoppety! (COMMUNITY SCAVENGER SIGN EGG HUNT)

Mr. Floppity Lost his Hippety Hoppety! (COMMUNITY SCAVENGER SIGN EGG HUNT)

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Click's Mr. Floppety Egg Hunt is fantastic for any size group of children- One or more! It's absolutely perfect for families who have had their Easter egg hunts canceled by current events and it's a fun way to keep the festivities going in your own family and salvage some Spring FUN! 

BRING THIS TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD or INVOLVE YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES IN A FUN SCAVENGER EGG HUNT! Nobody has to touch anything of anyone else's to play, so social distancing is maintained the entire time! But families can enjoy walking through their neighborhood or driving slowly to find all 40 signs and solve the mystery!

If you would like to set this up in your community, you will need a printer, a laminating machine and laminating sheets. Then you'll need a way to attach the signs throughout your neighborhood (we punched holes in the top of the pages and used string and tape), with permission from the homeowners of course!  OR, if you are setting it up when no rain is expected, you may be able to get away with printing it on card-stock!

We hope this helps with some of the canceled Easter egg hunts and all of the disappointing closures. May God bless you all and keep you safe!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING our small business in a time where our business' normal mission of in-person human connection has to take a bit of a backseat. 

Your download includes:

  1. How to SET UP Mr. Floppity's Scavenger Hunt
  2. SIGN CLUES for Egg Scavenger Hunt
  3. Picture for posting or emailing to your group
  4. How to Play Mr. Floppity's Scavenger Egg Hunt for PLAYERS TO PRINT
  5. Mr. Floppity's Detective Sheet for PLAYERS TO PRINT
  6. Mr. Floppity Suspect Grid for PLAYERS TO PRINT


  1. Laminating sheets and laminating machine (if leaving up through rain or for extended periods of time outdoors).
  2. String and tape for attaching signs in play area.


Last year, while out delivering Easter cheer,

something happened to Mr. Floppity, OH DEAR!

While rushing towards a house with some baskets,

he fell into a hidden tunnel, by accident!

As he scrambled to regain his footing,

someone snatched his magic pocket-watch when he wasn’t looking.

Without its power, he became unlucky

and Mr. Floppity poofed right back into a normal bunny.


Only the people living in the neighborhood were around that night. Their names have been placed on a list, along with clues describing each one of them. It’s up to YOU to save Mr. Floppity by finding the clues the detectives gathered and using them to solve this crime! The fate of Mr. Floppity’s Hippety Hoppity is in YOUR HANDS!

Step #1: Walk (or drive SLOWLY if playing in a neighborhood) searching for Easter Egg signs. P.S. Children should always be with a responsible adult.

Step #2: When you find a clue on a sign, tree or mailbox, stop and record the secret words in the space for that color and number on your detective worksheet OR, take a photo of each one and fill them all in at once!

Step #3: Put the eight clues for each color in numerical order to form a sentence. You can read top down for each color to get your clue!

Step #4: Use each sentence to rule out suspects on the suspect grid. For example, if you learn the culprit is female, cross off all the males!

Step #5: Once you solve the mystery contact the game organizer to see if you are correct.

Remember, if you see someone else at a sign, kindly wait until they are finished jotting down their clue before you visit that sign. Be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from others….And have fun!


1.Give different jobs to different ages.  For example:

 a)The youngest group or child finds the eggs and announces the color and number.

b)The next age group/child records the clues on the detective sheet, or photographs the clues.

c)The oldest group deciphers the sentence and works the suspect grid.

d)You can have kids take turns or assign a color to each person (eggs, clues, etc.)

e)Feel free to reward kids along the way.

    1. 1st team to find all the eggs.
    2. 1st team to solve each sentence.
    3. Team with the best attitude.

2.Create teams by color.  Send kids out to find clues of a certain color.  They will have to find eggs racing to see who can build their sentence first.  Finally, you can have them read their sentences out one by one and solve the suspect grid together, or have one solver for each team racing to do their suspect rule-outs!