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Mr. Floppity Lost his Hippety Hoppety! (Family Egg Hunt)
Mr. Floppity Lost his Hippety Hoppety! (Family Egg Hunt)

Mr. Floppity Lost his Hippety Hoppety! (Family Egg Hunt)

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Click's Mr. Floppety Egg Hunt is fantastic for any size group of children- One or more! It's absolutely perfect for families who have had their Easter egg hunts canceled by current events and it's a fun way to keep the festivities going in your own family and salvage some Spring FUN! PLUS YOU CAN PLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND CHANGE THE CULPRIT EACH TIME TO KEEP YOUR KIDS GUESSING!

We believe wholeheartedly that this is a great time for families to focus on connecting with each other at home and increasing quality time.  Strong families are what make the world go 'round!

Your download includes:

  1. Game Instructions including setup, game play and other ways to play!
  2. Mr. Floppity Story Card
  3. Mr. Floppity Clue Words
  4. Mr. Floppity Suspect Grid
  5. Two versions for the Winner Sign


(If you don't have eggs, you can use envelopes or just hide the clues!)



To work together to find Mr. Floppity’s Hippety Hoppity (his magical hopping powers that allow him to deliver Easter Baskets)!


  • 40 Plastic eggs (if you don’t have eggs, use envelopes or just hide the clues)
  • Printed clue sheet, cut into individual clues
  • Floppity Story Card
  • Suspect Grid (print as many as you need)
  • Combination Lock (optional, as you can just reveal the hiding spot when the mystery is solved)
  • Safe, Lockbox or Cabinet you can hang the lock on (optional- to hide Mr. Floppity’s Magical Hippety Hoppety inside)


1.The adult in charge will need to choose the culprit and select the matching sentence clues OR put together five random sentence combinations and solve the mystery ahead of time to see who did it!

2.Next, stuff the eggs with one clue each.

3.Then, the adult in charge will need to hide the 40 eggs and place the photo of the magical Hippety Hoppity pocket-watch into the chest/hiding place, sealing the combination lock in place.

4.Finally, if using a lock, write the real combination next to the correct suspect and fake combinations next to all of the other suspects.


1.Players race to find all the eggs in regular Easter Egg Hunt fashion.

2.Next, they empty all the eggs and work together to sort the clues by color.

3.Once they have determined that they have all eight numbered clues for each color, they put the clues in order to form sentences.

4.Using the sentences, they eliminate suspects from the suspect grid.  For example, if they learn that the suspect is female, they cross off all the males on the grid.

5.Each sentence clue will eliminate half of the suspects, until they are left with the final one.

6.The final step is to look at the list of suspects and their corresponding lock combinations to see which one opens the lock with Mr. Floppity’s Hippety Hoppety!  Alternatively, the game can end when they correctly solve the mystery.

7.Once the mystery has been solved and Mr. Floppity can once again hop, the players all receive a reward for their excellent teamwork.  Hint:  This is also a fun Easter morning activity for your kids to discover where their Easter Baskets are hidden.  You can add a note about where their goodies are in the locked hiding spot.


1.Give different jobs to different ages.  For example:


a)The youngest group or child finds the eggs and scrambles back to deliver the eggs to the next group/child one at a time relay style.

b)The next age group/child sorts the clues by color and once they get all eight clues for a color, they deliver them to the next group/child.

c)The oldest group deciphers the sentence and works the suspect grid.

d)You can have kids take turns or assign a color to each person (eggs, clues, etc.)

e)Feel free to reward kids along the way.

    1. 1st team to find all the eggs.
    2. 1st team to solve each sentence.
    3. Team with the best attitude.

2.Create teams by color.  Send kids out to find clues of a certain color.  They will have to find eggs, open them and if the clue isn’t for their color, they have to close it back up and leave it behind.  Then, you can have teams racing to see who can build their sentence first.  Finally, you can have them read their sentences out one by one and solve the suspect grid together, or have one solver for each team racing to do their suspect rule-outs!

3.If you have a LOT of players, you can divide into teams and hide forty eggs of each color per team.  Then, the teams have to only find eggs of their color and see which team solves the mystery first.  To do this, you will simply need to print a copy of the clues for each team (make sure you use identical clues so they are all solving the same mystery)

4.Do #3 but with a small group of children, making each one of them race to find their own color eggs and solve the entire mystery first.