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Collection: Scavenger Hunt Mysteries

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Click Scavenger Hunts are fantastic for any size group and appropriate for ages 6 and up!


  • Social Distancing Friendly Birthday Parties
  • Neighborhoods (Families can enjoy walking through their neighborhood or driving slowly to find the signs and solve the mystery!)
  • Campgrounds/Summer Camps
  • Youth Groups
  • Scouting events (spice up your next orienteering challenge!)
  • Corporate/Business Team-Building and On-boarding
  • Chambers of Commerce as a fun traffic-generating event for local business clusters

Nobody has to touch anything of anyone else’s to play, so social distancing is maintained the entire time!


  • Color Printer
  • Laminating machine and laminating sheets (if using over and over or leaving up outdoors in the weather)
  • Black Marker (permanent OR wet/dry erase if reusing signs)
  • Hole punch and String OR Sturdy tape for hanging


  • How to SET UP a Click Scavenger Hunt Game
  • How to Play a Click Scavenger Hunt Game
  • Printable Story Card with Host ID Card/Badge
  • Clues for Set Up
  • Printable Signs
  • Printable Player Detective Worksheets
  • Printable Player Suspect Grids


  • The Detective Worksheet and Suspect Grid you printed for them
  • A pencil
  • A clipboard (suggested)


  1. The suspect names have been placed on a list, along with clues describing each one of them. It’s up to YOU to solve the mystery by finding the clues the detectives gathered and using them to solve this crime!
  2. Walk (or drive SLOWLY if playing in a neighborhood) searching for Click Scavenger Hunt Signs. S. Children should always be with a responsible adult.
  3. When you find a clue, stop and record the secret words in the space for that color and shape on your detective worksheet OR, take a   photo of each one and fill them all in at once!
  4. Put the clues for each color in order to form a sentence.
  5. Use each sentence to rule out suspects on the suspect grid. For example, if you learn the culprit is female, cross off all the males!  HINT: Cross off carefully- it’s easy to make a mistake!
  6. Once you solve the mystery contact the game organizer to see if you are correct.

Remember, if you see someone else at a sign, kindly wait until they are finished jotting down their clue before you visit that sign.  Be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from others….And have fun!

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