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VIRTUAL PLAY VERSION of The Mystery of the Shark Tank Skinny Dipper Click ALIBI Style Game (Personal, Internal Business and School Use Permitted)

VIRTUAL PLAY VERSION of The Mystery of the Shark Tank Skinny Dipper Click ALIBI Style Game (Personal, Internal Business and School Use Permitted)

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The VIRTUAL Click Alibi Style Game is a simpler style of play than the Evidence Game and is perfect for adding some fun to a team meeting to connect your team through laughter, storytelling and conversation.  Together, after sharing the answer to the question of the game, you will reveal the suspects who had an Alibi for the time that the crime was committed until you are left with one name!  This is a team game- your team against the mystery, all working together to solve the crime.  

Game Length- 15-30 minutes (depending on the # of players)

Players- 8-24

The Mystery of the Shark Tank Skinny Dipper is a CLICK ALIBI STYLE Game.

Cut and Paste the following into an email to players as their meeting invitation (changing underlined items as appropriate).

Dear Team Member,

We have just received word from the security department of the       (nearest city with an Aquarium)      Aquarium that there was a breach in the shark tank yesterday during the time a Corporate Team Appreciation Event was supposed to have been held there.  The event was canceled due to the quarantine, but it appears that someone (ahem!) didn’t get the message…

A pair of underwear was found at the bottom of the tank during a routine inspection, indicating that someone was skinny dipping with the sharks sometime yesterday afternoon. Using video footage and known descriptions of the people on the guest list, Aquarium officials were able to rule out all but one of the 25 patrons who were scheduled to be part of the corporate gathering!  That last person is definitely NOT wearing their underwear because they are in a bag marked as “evidence,” along with the list of the 24 eliminated names from the guest list!  But, before they were able to make the definitive call to arrest the shark tank skinny-dipper, someone pulled the fire alarm, the building was evacuated and the evidence disappeared.

In a strange turn of events, a suspicious package labeled as “Shark Tank Skinny Dipper Evidence” was delivered to our office this morning.  We immediately called the Aquarium to see if they knew anything about it and, since we have the smartest and most resourceful team of employees in the city (and we already have the evidence anyway) Aquarium Security decided that we would be the perfect people to help them crack the case of the Commando Culprit. Each of you will receive a list of suspects, one or more color/shape combinations and  corresponding suspects that can be ruled out.  It will be up to you to join our meeting and learn the identity of the other suspects from our teammates so, together, we can solve this mystery!  If we can rule out the 24 people on list, that should leave us with the one person who wasn’t ruled out. That person has to be the commando culprit!

We will be cracking (pun intended) this case at our next meeting! 

1.Please visit HERE to download your Alibi Worksheet and Virtual Game ID Card Table Tent.

2.Your colors and shapes are: (these are chosen and assigned by you to each player)

3.Your SECRET words are: (these are chosen and assigned by you to each player)

4.Please join us at the meeting on DATE at TIME for further instructions.


  • Printable Instructions for Game Set-up and Game Play (for a video tutorial to share with your players, please visit How to Play a Click Alibi Game.)
    • Note:  The virtual play is slightly different, since players aren't walking around in a race to gather the clues before anyone else does.  The virtual style is more about working together as a team to share your stories and, in doing so, solving the crime together.
  • Printable Host Story Card for the Click Host to read aloud to Players
  • Suggested Question of the Game Lists (Click Host will choose a question for players to answer)
  • Printable Set of 25 suspect name cards (Play over and over with a new culprit each time!)
  • Printable Alibi Worksheet 
  • Virtual Game ID Card Table Tent