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The Mystery of the Shark Tank Skinny Dipper Click ALIBI Style Game (Personal, Internal Business and School Use Permitted)

The Mystery of the Shark Tank Skinny Dipper Click ALIBI Style Game (Personal, Internal Business and School Use Permitted)

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The Click Alibi Style Game is a simpler style of play than the Evidence Game and is perfect for networking events where there are other engaging and important activities going on; whereas the Evidence Style game is best for networking events where the Game is the sole activity or entertainment.  This 24 player version moves more quickly than the Evidence version and can be completed in approximately 30 minutes.

The Mystery of the Shark Tank Skinny Dipper is a CLICK ALIBI STYLE Game.

Here's the story:

Help! We have just received word from Aquarium Security that there has been a breach in the shark tank.  A pair of underwear were found at the bottom of the tank during a routine inspection indicating that someone was skinny dipping with the sharks sometime this afternoon.  Aquarium officials have checked all other guests and are down to a final list of 25 possible suspects who may be missing their underwear!  It will be your job to find out who it is!  You have been given a list of possible suspects and you will find people wearing badges with names behind them.  These people whose names you will discover were also recently checked and found to be wearing their underwear.  Eventually only one name will be left on your list- the Commando Culprit! Because of the sensitive nature of the crime, you must keep your discoveries confidential until you are SURE who it is! Then, you'll see the Click Host to confirm your answer.  If you uncover the identity of the Commando Culprit, you WIN!


  • Printable Instructions for Game Set-up and Game Play (for a video tutorial to share with your players, please visit How to Play a Click Alibi Game.)
  • Printable Host Story Card for the Click Host to read aloud to Players
  • Suggested Question of the Game List (Click Host will choose a question for players to ask each other)
  • Printable Classic Color/Shape Cards (4 color sets of 8 shape cards (32 cards total), but you will use only three of the colors)
  • Printable Set of 25 suspect name cards and Host Badges (Play over and over with a new culprit each time!)
  • Printable Alibi Worksheet 8 ½ x 11 portrait orientation
  • Printable Alibi Worksheet 5½ x 8 ½ side by side landscape


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