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Gone Phishing Click EVIDENCE Style Game (Personal, Internal Business and School Use Permitted)

Gone Phishing Click EVIDENCE Style Game (Personal, Internal Business and School Use Permitted)

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Gone Phishing! is a CLICK EVIDENCE STYLE Game:

The Click Evidence Style Game offers a little more challenge than the Alibi Game and is perfect for groups who enjoy mysteries and puzzles or for settings where the game is the main entertainment, whereas the Alibi Style game is best for a shorter icebreaker to get an event started or for a crowd less into puzzle solving.  This 32 player version requires players to gather Evidence, unscramble sentences and rule out suspects on a fun suspect grid.  The Evidence version can usually be completed in approximately 45 minutes plus time to announce winners and give out prizes.

Here's the story:

A company intern receives a suspicious email offering a donation to the company and unsuspectingly shares information with a criminal.  The director back-traces the email and discovers that the donor is fake and the IP address was from the local library.  The investigation leads to a list of library patrons with various attributes and clues pointing to only one culprit.  Can you figure out who it is?  This is a GREAT game to play as part of cyber security training to add some fun to a serious topic.

What's included:

  • Printable Instructions for Game Set-up and Game Play (for a video tutorial to share with your players, please visit How to Play a Click Evidence Game or How to Play a Click Evidence Game for Youth).
  • Printable Host Story Card for the Click Host to read aloud to Players
  • Suggested Question of the Game List (Click Host will choose a question for players to ask each other)
  • Printable Classic Color/Shape Cards (4 color sets of 8 shape cards (32 cards total))
  • Printable Set of Color-Coded Evidence Word Cards and Host Badges (Play over and over with a new culprit each time!)
  • Color Coded Sentences Clues for Host Setup
  • Printable Evidence Worksheet
  • Printable Suspect Grid


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