Why We Chose the Colors We Chose to Represent Our Brand

Why We Chose the Colors We Chose to Represent Our Brand

The first thing most people do when building a new business is to think about their logo or brand. Click is all about bringing two different people to a conversation where they share their own story about a common topic, creating the bond of a new relationship. So, we decided to use secondary colors from the very beginning!

A secondary color is what happens when you combine two primary colors in equal parts. Red and Yellow make Orange; Blue and Red make Purple; and Blue and Yellow make Green. That accounts for three of the five colors in our brand, but the other three had an equal amount of love and care in their choosing. Some people think that adding all colors together results in white, and that's true if you're looking at the colors of light. However, what you get when you mix all of the colors of pigment together is black; so we decided to incorporate both black and white :) Finally, since we needed one more color to fill out our word, we picked the friendliest primary color, the color blue. We'll go a little deeper into what each of the colors mean in some future posts but the general idea here is that people who didn't know anything about each other come together, through Click, to create something brand new, something beautiful that adds a whole spectrum of color to our world.

We love this whole metaphor of using colors to define relationships and we think that just looking at the word Click in our logo has the power to make someone feel happy. Even moreso, now that you all know the story behind our logo ❤️❤️❤️

Finally, of course you see the two center letters shaking hands, representing a new relationship or the deepening of an existing relationship. This is what Click means to us and we love hearing what it means to other people after every event. It's such an honor and a blessing to create something and then watch laughter and friendship forming right before your eyes!!!

Thanks for letting us bring some color to your life today! Many blessings to you!

Love, Ginny

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